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My acai bowl wasn’t as good as his, and it really wasn’t that much cheaper either

What would I do differently?

Back to Honolulu, we went for a swim in Waikiki Beach, and afterwards sat down, chilled, had some ahi poke nachos (omg!), and enjoyed some live Hawaiian music (the performers were most likely Filipinos). ??

Meanwhile, back in our condo, I wanted to make use of some of our kitchen tools, so I made our own acai bowl. We grabbed some ingredients from Wholefoods, while I proudly said, “I can make us our own bowl that’s just as good, if not better, and it would be much cheaper.” Wrong and wrong! A couple of blocks away from our condo was this Japanese restaurant called e that would normally have long lines outside every time we’d walk by. We finally decided to try it, and just by looking at these pictures, I’m craving for them again. I would say that this was one of my favorite meals there, and ironically, it was one of our cheapest meals too.

Kind of an important tip: If you’re considering attending Chief’s Luau, you MUST get the royal package! I just don’t think I would have had as much fun if I didn’t sit in the front, if I didn’t get served, and if I didn’t have 3 adult beverages. ?? Just trust me!

Keneke’s in Waimanalo had the best garlic shrimp Tucson sugar daddy websites that I’ve ever had in my life. It was too good that I even attempted to make it here at home, but to no avail. This spot really had that Hawaiian local feel. Lots of locals ordering food, it was right in front of the mountain, I mean, it was a part of what I wanted to experience in Hawaii.

As I mentioned earlier, the shave ice from outside Honolulu was so much better to me. It was small, simple, and just what they’re really supposed to be. Last ocean stop before we headed to the airport. This ocean felt so serene, away from the city, which is nice too, but it’s always nice to have options.

I’m sure there are other great restaurants in the city too, but I found the local places just tasted much better

Overall, I’d say that O’ahu is really beautiful. It kinda has it all – the ocean, the city, the mountains, and the volcanoes! I think that everyone will pretty much find something that they can enjoy and appreciate on this island. My only advice would be to get out of Waikiki Beach more, and even out of Honolulu. Visit the whole island if you can, especially the North Shore! Waimanalo has some breathtaking views, and most especially, experience a real authentic Hawaiian Luau – from the Chief! Some people say that luaus are overrated, but I really think the type of luau you go to is very important. We left this place with such a great memory to take home with us.

So, would I come back to O’ahu again? Yes! Now that I know the island pretty well, on my next visit, I would definitely get in the water way more, would hike diamond head (I really regret not doing this), would probably eat more from food trucks and other local places, and would only go back to eat at Moana’s, e, and Bill’s in Honolulu. I’m not sure if I would stay in Waikiki Beach next time, but if I do, I’d make sure to stay really close to the water.

I had a really great time in in O’ahu, and I hope to check out the other islands some time soon.