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Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance Online Course


‘Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance’ Seven-module on-line program. There is no need to complete the course within a set time-frame. You will have unlimited access to all the videos and notes as often as you want, so you can take your time. In this wonderful course BelindaGrace shows you step-by-step how you can develop these amazing skills. Anyone can do it!




Now you can enjoy this popular course with BelindaGrace in the comfort of your own home, office or even at the beach!

Watch, enjoy and learn at your own pace, you will have access to the entire course for life. Its very rewarding, inspiring and affordable. No matter where you live or what your schedule might be you can benefit from this convenient format any time you like.

TESTIMONIAL FOR BG’S ONLINE COURSE – “I bought and have been doing your online course and it is so fantastic! Thank you for putting this together. I remember much of this work from your book, but it’s really nice to have it Guided like this. I did a couple of Psychic Conversations, and then I also did the Heart-Mind Balance, and within about 2 hours of that, I didn’t even have to say anything and I got the apology I needed! I was shocked because I really didn’t think it was going to go that way! I can truly feel this energy work benefitting me again, so thank you.” xoxo Melanie T. California, USA. 

‘Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance’ Seven-module online program. Each module will be delivered to your inbox once a week. They all come complete with fun-sheets containing all the information you need to complement what you’ll learn in our Virtual Classroom. In these wonderful video downloads BelindaGrace takes you step-by-step through this fascinating course, showing you how you can develop these amazing skills. Anyone can do it!

Simply purchase and download. Its so easy. Your new life starts here. Imagine how much you can Grow and Glow when you trust your intuition, can rely of your inner wisdom and can utilise clairvoyant skills to support you in every area of your life. Your Angels, Guides and the whole Universe are waiting to support you. Isn’t that fantastic?

Buy now to begin your amazing new journey!

Attending this course in person would normally cost around $599 but now you can do it on-line and in your own time for an amazing AUS$299.00

“Thanks for creating such a well thought-out course. I appreciate what an awesome stand alone course it is; how it complements but doesn’t simply repeat your book and CD.” Susan S. Arizona, USA.

We look forward to seeing you in our Virtual Classroom very soon.Clairvoyance On-line Course

PLEASE NOTE – this is a personal development course only, and does not qualify you to practice on others.

Blessings and Namaste, BelindaGrace xo

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