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You are Clairvoyant – Fully Revised 10th Anniversary Edition (Book)


Discover how you can meet and talk to angels and spirit guides for assistance; gain insights into past lives to overcome negative patterns and find healing; conduct psychic conversations to get your point across; and get answers to important questions through automatic writing.

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‘You are Clairvoyant – Developing the Secret Skill we all Have’ 10th Anniversary Edition.

This amazing, life changing book has been selling around the world in several languages for 10 years!!

You Are Clairvoyant is a best-selling book, teaching you simply how to develop Clairvoyance skills. In this revised and updated edition, there are new chapters on Star Seeds, who they are and whether or not you or your intuitive child is one, and an additional chapter on Parallel Lives, and how they can affect you and benefit you in this lifetime.

BelindaGrace believes being Clairvoyant is a skill that we are all born with; and unless it is nurtured, these skills will be lost over time. You are Clairvoyant re-equips people with these skills through simple, fun and effective exercises, and inspirational real life experiences.

Learn how to:

  • Communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Develop automatic writing
  • Conduct psychic conversations
  • Open your clairvoyant Inner Screen
  • Explore channelling and heart-mind manifesting
  • Discover past lives and karmic lessons
  • Revitalize your chakras

is a toolbox for personal evolution in the 21st century, no matter what age you are or where you find yourself on your journey.

Brimming with simple and practical exercises to help you create more meaning, joy and purpose in your life, develop and hone your own intuitive and clairvoyant skills, access divine guidance from your Angels and Guides, have Psychic Conversations and much more. Full of interesting case histories and examples of how these techniques have worked for a wide variety of people. Also including insights into BelindaGrace’s own journey and how she came to be a Clairvoyant Healer in her 30’s, it is a must read for anyone seeking greater happiness and fulfillment.

BelindaGrace excelled at a corporate career in fashion and yet her physical and emotional health deteriorated. Determined to find her truth and her life purpose she set out on a journey that led her to develop her own intuitive and clairvoyant skills nearly 20 years ago. Unaware at that time that she had any skill in this field, it became an amazing experience of learning and discovery. Passionate about sharing what she has learned and brilliant in the simplicity of the ‘how to’ BelindaGrace invites you to find out that you too can develop the secret skills we all have.

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