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You Are Abundant: Why You Are Enough the Way You Are by BelindaGrace (Book)




Here is what one happy reader had to say –
Dear BelindaGrace, Just a quick note to say thank you for your book “You are Abundant”. I am working through some long overdue changes in my life and found the meditations a fantastic tool to move forward through this difficult time with love. The book answered so many questions I had about my relationships and taking action steps. My inner child and I have forged a relationship and I can dote on her without guilt and allow my son to grow up without me hovering (so much). The Silver Waterfall and cocooning morning and night are becoming everyday tools. I know I will see more benefits down the track but for now I have seen and felt the presence of magic. I thank you for the book and the for the angels who put it into my hands in the first place. Light and Love
L.P. NSW, Australia

Summary – in today’s fast-paced world many people crave what they think they need—a bigger house, a newer car, yet more clothes, a better body—and worry about how to get it. They fear they lack the abundance required to make their lives happy. In her latest book, ‘You Are Abundant – Why you are enough the way you are’ BelindaGrace shows you that everything you need is right here, right now—and that you are enough just the way you are. She defines a new form of abundance that is essential to happiness, healing and a sense of purpose in life.

You Are Abundant includes practical exercises to help you reclaim your sense of abundance, including ‘The Forgiveness Mantra’, in which you will feel the gentle healing energy of forgiveness towards yourself, and ‘Moving Forward From the Threshold’, which will help you acknowledge when you feel lost and stuck, enabling a move forward into action. You Are Abundant provides you with the key to unlock your best life, one in which you are already abundant and happy.


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