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Tell her you’ve been thinking of her sexually for a long time

Professing such strong feelings to a female acquaintance is overwhelming and awkward. She hasn’t felt that same attraction yet. It’s much better to talk about attraction in the moment which I will describe later. For now, escort services in Manchester don’t say stuff like:

  • “I’ve been wanting you for months.”
  • “I couldn’t stop thinking about your legs since we were at that beach last summer.”
  • “Every day I see things that make me think of you.”

Send unsolicited dick pics.

I don’t know why guys ever think this will work. Most women don’t get turned on by random pictures of penises. It just feels vulgar and makes them uncomfortable because it shows you have no understanding of female arousal.

It’s all about context. A penis becomes hot when she’s already turned on by a man she desires. The only times when dick pics are acceptable are when you’re both talking about having sex and how aroused you are. Basically, she needs to give you the segue about how much she wants to turn you on or how “big” she wants to get you.

Talk about masturbating to her before phone sex or sexting.

Same rules apply as dick pics. In order to talk about you masturbating, she has to be at the point where she wants to touch herself or she wants you to do the same. She has to accept in her mind, “I want this guy so hot for me he can’t not do it.”

This is best done after you’ve already gotten her to start touching herself first (through phone sex) or if she starts hinting she wants you to go at it. Always start by getting a girl to play and then when you join in on the fun, it’s a natural progression. Reference my phone sex guide here.

Ask her about what she gets off to, how she plays with herself, or if she takes it certain ways – unless she’s answered some more casual sexual questions prior.

These types of questions are almost purely about sexual pleasure and for getting you aroused. If she’s not already in a sexually charged state or wanting to figure out what gets you off as well, those questions make you seem like a pervert who’s only in it for himself.

Instead, start with more casual questions that focus on getting to know each other’s views or values on sex and less intimate experiences that she’s more willing to share. These questions are supposed to be out of genuine curiosity to better understand her sexual side and not just to hear her say dirty shit.

Accuse her of having a dirty mind.

Everybody has a sexual side. In the right context and when we’re comfortable, it’s fun to be “naughty”. It feels taboo and exciting.

So when she’s challenging or complimenting you, imply that you know she has more sinister intentions. Tell her that you’re on to her sneaky ways or that you’re so surprised by her secret wild side.

  • “Are you trying to get me drunk? Because it’s working.”
  • “You’re so hitting on me right now.”
  • “Awww, you’re trying to flirt with me. That’s adorable.”
  • “I can’t believe you did that…bad girl.”
  • She talks about doing something risky or adventurous, “See, I knew you had a naughty side to you.”

This can open up flirting really fast and be a silly game to play. If she enjoys it, she may reply one of two ways: she can run with it and say stuff like, “Oh no, you got me.” or “Well…maybe my mind is wandering just a little.” Or she can pretend to deny it, “What? I’m just a nice, innocent Midwestern girl.” or “Oh no not me, I only think about cute puppies and cupcakes.”