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‘A moment or two before you become consciously aware of an intuitive thought, idea or solution, your body will let you know what is going on. If you are flushed with a feeling of happiness, reassured by a feeling of calmness or instantly warned by a feeling of anxiety or fear then you need to at least stop for a moment and consider those messages. You will feel this in your Solar Plexus (midriff area) this is your ‘gut’ feeling telling you ‘Yes go! or No, slow.’ BelindaGrace

How to Trust Your Intuition

We might as well get this out of the way right at the beginning of this article – the guidance, suggestions, inspirations and solutions that will come to you via your intuition are not going to come running at you and hit you over the head. The Universe is an amazingly subtle place and we have filled our lives with almost constant noise, busy-ness and distraction. Try to imagine for a moment what life would have been like before the widespread availability of electricity and the invention of the car – no televisions or radios giving off their constant babble, no computers, internet or play-stations, no traffic noise. Step back a further 150 years to the days before the industrial revolution. No trains, no machines, no factories. Your ‘Inner Voice’ is constantly being drowned out by what we regard as ‘normal life’. Every external distraction takes you away from your inner life and can diminish your connection to it. So what is the solution? That’s simple – balance.

Very few of us would be truly willing to leave all we have behind and go live in a hut somewhere. There is no reason at all why you shouldn’t enjoy all that the 21st century has to offer, as long as you also make time for some peace, quiet and meditation in any of its forms. Any genuinely quiet and restful time is healing and harmonizing for the Soul and will offer up the chance to repair the bridges between your outer and your inner worlds. It’s not about going to extremes or denouncing one or the other, it’s about embracing the whole spectrum of our modern lifestyles.

One of the reasons that your intuition will speak to you at two or three in the morning is because that is the only time of the day that your mind is reasonably still. It is the only time that the subtle Inner Voice can break through. The good news is however – and this is very good news – that just because these communications are subtle, doesn’t mean that they aren’t clear or reliable. In fact, once you become reacquainted with the art of listening, you will be delighted at how clear the prompts, reminders, nudges and messages are. It’s all a matter of a little patience, a little practice and yes, a little peace and quiet every day.


Geraldine’s Experience

One day, not that long ago, I was rushing around as usual trying to do three things at once. I was due to meet a couple of friends at the station so we could all travel together to a musical we had tickets for in the city. I was running so late and I knew my friends would be really annoyed with me if I caused us to miss the train and the beginning of the show.

I had bought a new kitten a couple of weeks before. She had plenty of toys to amuse her while I was out so I popped her food bowl on the floor, patted her goodbye and raced out the front door. As I was locking up a voice inside my head said to me clearly ‘go back inside and go to the sunroom’. My immediate reaction was ‘No! I am going to miss the train, I can’t be late the girls will be furious!’ but the voice persisted with the same message. I stood for a few more seconds arguing with this voice and telling it why I couldn’t go back inside, but it never let up. In fact, despite my rising panic about the time, this voice had a strong and calming effect on me.

I raced back inside and all the way through to the back of my house to the sunroom. There I got a huge shock because in the minute or so that it had taken me to proceed from patting my kitten to locking the front door she had gone to the sunroom and become completely entangled in the Venetian blind cord. She was actually being choked by it and her struggling was only making things worse. She was giving out a strangled cry and was very frightened.

I untangled her quickly and soothed her. In that moment I was not at all concerned about the time or the musical. I loved my kitten and I wanted to make sure she was fine. While I sat there on the sofa cradling her, I rummaged around in my handbag for my mobile phone, intending to call the girls and apologize. I wanted to tell them to go on ahead, to not miss the start of the show and I would catch them up.

To my surprise there was a message on my phone but I hadn’t heard it ring, I had forgotten to reset it from silent. The message was from one of my friends saying that she had decided to drive us all to the theatre and that they would come pick me up at 6.30pm, which was now about 15 minutes away. Driving in, she said, would be quicker, so we wouldn’t have to leave so early.

Not only did my intuition prompt me to go back and save my kitten’s life, but everything else fell into place as well. I truly feel that my friend’s last minute decision to drive was not mere coincidence, but pure serendipity organized on my behalf by this elegant and awesome Universe.

Geraldine Y. Sydney, Australia

Geraldine’s kitten survived thanks to Geraldine’s ability to hear her Inner Voice and her willingness to act on its instructions. Geraldine has been meditating for a couple of years and recently completed the first term of one of my courses. Her mediation practice has been as sporadic and frustrating as most other busy people find it, but she always goes back to it eventually, even if she can only spare a few minutes for herself. You may have also noticed in the telling of her story, that she experienced a feeling of calm along with the message itself, despite the frantic state of her monkey mind.

Finally, the key thing to take focus on is the content of the message itself. It was simple and very straight forward, giving her clear directions of what to do, not why she should do it. Perhaps if Geraldine’s Little Voice had told her that the kitten was choking to death on the blind cord she would have become even more stressed and dropped her keys, fumbled the lock or something else that would have wasted precious seconds. The message was clear and direct because it needed to be. In that moment she didn’t actually need to know the reason, she just had to take action quickly and the results were perfect.

But this is the part that can trip you up when you are only just getting reacquainted with your inner guidance. Divine guidance is always very efficient and simple. It is not the Universe trying to test you or be cryptic, which is the way a lot of people choose to see it, but rather it is simply giving you the essential information that you need to get the job done. So this is where the trust element begins to really show up. The more confident you become in recognizing true guidance, discerning it amongst the general chitter-chatter of your mind, the more confident you will become about acting upon it. The more you will trust it. Your Inner Voice doesn’t have an issue with trust, so it just takes it on face value that you have each others best interests at heart.

The questions people always ask me when I talk about receiving messages from my Angels and Spirit Guides, or being given guidance by my Inner Voice is “But how do you know it’s not just your mind making it up? How do you know your not just thinking those words yourself? How do you know when to trust it?” They are good questions and the next exercise will show you how to recognize the difference between useful intuitive guidance and your conscious mind trying to figure it out.



Requirements: your journal and a pen. Peaceful surroundings so you can relax and concentrate.

Optional: very soft, gentle music, a candle or incense. Anything that helps you create a meditative atmosphere.

Time Required: 15 to 20 minutes.

How often should I do this? At least once as the complete exercise detailed below. Then feel free to add any experiences to your journal as they come to mind and take a minute or two to sit with that feeling whenever you can. For those of you who are keen to develop your skills quickly, I recommend completing the whole process once a month.

  • Part one – journal exercise – make a note of some of the times in your life when you didn’t follow your intuition and regretted it. Write down anything you know or you feel you missed out on by not following that urge, feeling or hunch?

Take your time and write down as many examples as you can think of.

  • Now make a list of all the times you did follow one of those inexplicable, even illogical, hunches or urges and what the positive outcome was. Write down all of the positive things that happened to or for you as a result of following that hunch.

Take your time and write down as many examples as you can think of.

  • Part two – A meditation – Choosing from one of the experiences you have written down, close your eyes and allow yourself to remember how you felt when you suppressed your intuitive urge. Take yourself back to that exact moment in time and replay it, tuning in to how you felt.

Allow those feelings to come up again. How did you feel ? What sort of dialogue was going on in your mind? Did you have a knot of anxiety in your solar plexus area? How hard did you have to work to push down the feelings you had about doing what was right for you and talking yourself into doing what you believed was expected of you?

  • Stay with the feelings of the whole experience, including how you felt when you realised that your decision to overrule your intuition had had other consequences.
  • Stay with the feelings that you had during that time. Allow them to sink in and commit them to your mind and body-memory. Then create an intention and promise yourself to be more aware of and to respond to those signals in the future.

Note: ‘Body-memory’ is an incredibly powerful thing and is part of the intuitive process. A second or two before you become consciously aware of an intuitive thought, idea or solution, your body will let you know what is going on. If you are flushed with a feeling of happiness, reassured by a feeling of calmness or instantly warned by a feeling of anxiety or fear then you need to at least stop for a moment and consider those messages. What tends to happen though is that we ignore or override them and plough on regardless, partly out of habit and partly because of the pressure of all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ in our minds. Reconnecting with your body’s response to the situation you are meditating on and committing that to body-memory is every bit as helpful as committing the memory of what you learned to mind memory for future reference. Becoming aware of your physical responses as they happen and taking a moment to consider their importance is a great way to expand on your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities and will make it more natural to pay attention to them next time they show up. Again, this is another example of the law of the jungle. Long before we could read, write or speak, we were feeling, intuitive creatures who had to trust our instincts in order to survive.

  • Then, choosing an experience where you did follow your intuition, close your eyes and relive how you felt when you got that positive urge and acted on it.
  • Did you feel a nervous excitement? Maybe you even had a strong sense that something was going to happen. Maybe you even had a thought like “wow, that’s a brilliant idea, I wonder what made me think of doing it that way?”
  • Take as much time as you need to remember any tug of war that you might have had with yourself about stepping outside the square. How did you feel when you finally decided to do things your way?
  • Sit with all the feelings and memories from that time, including the deeper knowing that would have been there somewhere that said “I have to do it my way because this is who I am, this is authentic. Therefore if this thing really is the right fit for me then I know I will get it.”
  • Lock those feelings into your conscious awareness and body-memory for future reference, creating an intention to respond to them even more confidently next time they come.
  • Repeat this exercise whenever you remember any other situations like these from the past. It is worth working with all the experiences that you can remember eventually, because each one will contain its own subtle nuances and their own unique mixture of ‘red light’ or ‘green light’ emotions.

In no time at all you will develop a memory bank of intuitive wisdom and become more comfortable with the languages that your intuitive and clairvoyant guidance uses. It is important to understand the Universe doesn’t speak or have a preference for English, or any other human language for that matter, and will often use words only as an addition to feelings, urges and instincts. We are much more instinctual and spiritual beings than we usually choose to recognize, and your intuition will use these more clear and immediate pathways to communicate with you.

Finally, an interesting point about ‘gut-feel’. Did you know that when the foetus is forming in the womb the cluster of cells that develop into the nerves that make up the brain and the cluster of cells that make up the nerves of the solar plexus start out as one bundle of cells altogether? This means that our solar plexus or ‘gut’ is literally our second brain. A simpler, more visceral perceptive organ that responds to changes in energy, vibration, atmosphere and feelings seconds before the more sophisticated upper brain has had time to process the same information.


Tara’s Experience

Tara was keen to meet with a very famous musician who was in Australia on a concert tour. She had a ticket to his show, but had been unable to secure a backstage pass. Undeterred, Tara had a strong feeling that she would be able to get backstage somehow, and held on to that positive feeling and thought.

A day or two later a friend of hers was unexpectedly in town. He invited Tara to come and have coffee at his hotel. When Tara arrived, her friend welcomed her, and without realizing that she was actually hoping to meet this particular man, he told Tara that the musician was staying at the same hotel.

Within seconds of being given that information by her friend, Tara had a strong feeling that she should go and walk through the restaurant at the other side of the hotel. When I asked Tara how she would describe the feeling she instantly raised her hand to her solar plexus and said “it was a strong feeling just here. Not a pain or a cramp, more like a rush or intensifying of energy.”

Tara then went on to tell me that when she hesitated for a few seconds to think about it a strong thought came into her mind that said “Just go!” As her friend walked in the direction of the café to secure a table there, Tara walked towards the restaurant instead. Sure enough the musician she had wanted to meet was sitting in the restaurant, by himself. Suddenly feeling a little awkward Tara noticed the door for the powder room a short distance away. She walked across the restaurant, went into the powder room and took a few seconds to compose herself. She resolved to talk to this famous man on her way out; which is exactly what she did.

Not only did she find him to be very friendly, they had a lovely chat and he was delighted to hear that Tara would be at his concert that night. He quipped “well at least someone is coming!” He invited her backstage and when she arrived at the box office to pick up the passes, she found that he had also left her tickets for much better seats. By all accounts it turned out to be a fantastic night for Tara and yet again she had found that her intuition had been spot on. Tara P. Sydney, Australia

Wouldn’t you love to allow your feelings to guide you into wonderful situations like that? Well you can. Starting right now with this exercise. Learning to recognize and respond to the languages of your intuition, clairvoyance, heart and Soul is the passport to magical experiences every day of your life. Once again, Tara’s Inner Voice didn’t say to her “go and walk through the restaurant because the person you want to meet is sitting there”. She got the strong feeling in her solar plexus first, then the words “just go” when she hesitated. Start practicing now so that you can discover the special qualities of the way your Divine Guidance communicates with you.

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