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We all worry about our financial situation from time to time, maybe even every day. It can be sad to realize that so many of us expend so much energy on worrying about money or the lack of it.

So what can you do to relieve your stress about money and freshen up your finances?

Worrying creates a negative energy around you that can cause feelings of tension and discomfort. Worrying about finances can hinder your openness to universal connection and positivity. It is a vibe that shuts you down rather than opens you up. Positivity and openness are necessary in rethinking your approach to freshening up your finances and fiscal position.

Here are a few simple ways to shift your energy focus quickly towards a more positive outlook regarding your finances.

The Power of the Mind

When you notice yourself worrying about money, shift your thoughts immediately to something prosperous in your life or immediate environment, like the food in your pantry, the car in your garage or the birds in the trees outside. Changing your frame of reference can be helpful in reorienting your spiritual position.

Get yourself a piggy bank or a special collection jar. Each time you notice yourself worrying about money make a small one-dollar deposit.

The benefits of this action are three-fold:

  • You shift your attention to the fact that you have that dollar
  • Your ‘worry dollars’ will accumulate into a larger amount you can spend on something worthwhile
  • By accumulating those dollars you are sending a message of abundance to the Universe and the Universe will match that.

Give Yourself a Base-Chakra Balance

Why? Because the Base Chakra is the chakra of every-day survival, but when it is healthy, strong and balanced it’s not just about merely surviving, it is about THRIVING!

Balance your Base Chakra every day if you want to create a good strong foundation for your wealth and freshen up your finances.

I have so many other wonderful techniques that I could share with you, but this is a great start and if you do these three things with commitment and passion you will thrive.

How Do You Balance Your Base Chakra?

I believe in sharing the bountiful gifts of prosperity. Here is my gift for you today, – a lesson from my online course, yours to watch for free. This will show you how to perform this vital yet simple energy healing technique.

BelindaGrace holds a diploma in homeopathy and has studied spirituality and healing for most of her life. She has been practicing as a clairvoyant and healer for over 20 years and has given Chakra Balancing workshops all around the world. Her online course ‘Developing Your Intuition & Clairvoyance’ gives you unlimited, lifetime access to this amazing resource of over 30 video tutorials and accompanying notes.


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