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Healing Techniques Classes | Clairvoyant Healing | Belinda Grace

Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance

For anyone who would like to enjoy a fun short course to help you develop your natural intuition and clairvoyance, enjoy discussions and practice about spirituality, basic healing techniques and being on your true life path.

Seven week fun and personal interest course will give you the opportunity to explore and expand your own natural and intuitive skills, connect you with a lovely group of like-minded people and help you feel more inspired about your life. Each class will include some meditation practice, development of your own connection to your higher guidance and Angels and Spirit Guides, learning to channel, Automatic Writing, how to have a Psychic Conversation, reviewing and releasing Past Life blockages, some hands on practical healing and chakra balancing, and much more!

  •    Meditation Practice
  •    Development of your own connection to your Angels and Spirit Guides
  •    Learning to Channel
  •    Automatic Writing
  •    How to have a Psychic Conversation
  •    Reviewing and releasing Past Life Blockages
  •    Hands on Practical Healing
  •    Chakra Balancing
  •    Chakra And much more…

Come and learn with best-selling author BelindaGrace in Mullumbimby, or visit the wonderful facilitators who have been personally trained and authorised by BelindaGrace.

Nathan Star (Sydney) and Charles at Amanti Moon (Melbourne) and Euphemia Keisler (Perth) are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you in a down to earth, fun and easy to understand way, so that you can develop your spirituality and put it into action in your own life.


Where are the weekly classes held?

East BallinaNSW – classes are conducted by BelindaGrace, or in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

What is provided?

A folder and notes for each class, water and herbal teas.

What do I need to bring?

A notebook and pen. Please arrive fifteen minutes earlier on the first night to complete your registration.

Are there any Pre-requisites?

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

When is the next course starting?

TBA – BelindaGrace – Please email for upcoming dates.

What is my investment?

TBA. Also BG Grads run courses in other states – Nathan Star in Sydney, Charles Lowres in Melbourne and Euphemia Keisler in Perth.

Please see the ‘Find a Clairvoyant healer Near You’ page for their contact details.

Contact BelindaGrace for details about course dates and how to book