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Over the years I’ve had many unusual and amusing experiences in my work as a Clairvoyant Healer. Especially regarding the way people perceive what I do and what I might be like as a person.

In those early years of discovering I wasn’t in fact going to practice homoeopathy, I had no idea how to present myself – and what I offered – to clients. To me homoeopathy seemed like something credible and concrete – after all, I now had a diploma and letters after my name. Shifting gear yet again was quite daunting.

As you might remember, my practice in those days was in Australia’s third-largest CBD, just across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the main city. This area was bristling with advertising agencies, telecommunication and IT companies. It was power-suit heaven! It took a while, but gradually many of those power-suit-wearing, six-figure-earning professionals became my clients.

More often than not, these highly intelligent and successful people would seem anxious when coming to meet me for the first time, and at least half of them would exclaim something along the lines of “Oh, thank goodness! You’re so normal!”

Initially I was rather shocked by these declarations of relief, but, being cheeky by nature, I began responding by saying “Well, yes! But I actually left my purple velvet cape at home today!” Then we would both have a laugh and the ice was broken. My clients were relieved that I wasn’t a woo-woo weirdo with a crystal ball, and I began to realise that by just being myself I represented a whole new niche of possibility in the metaphysical healing field.

I’ve always wanted to reach out to the broadest possible range of people. I’ve always used very down-to-earth language and I’ve always had a passion for letting people know that if I could start receiving amazing Guidance when I was least expecting it, then they can have it too. I also began to understand why, in the past, my own visits to healers as a client had often left me feeling bewildered or even a little bit irked. I went to those people because I just wanted to know what the hell was going on in my life, and what I could do about it, and I wanted to be spoken to like an equal. Just as people do these days when they see a doctor and they’d like the doctor to actually listen rather than be the superior authority.

Bringing through Guidance for people is not the same as telling them what to do or giving them advice. As much as possible, and to this day, I keep ‘myself’ out of it and let the Universe speak. So somehow, back in those early years I learned that letting go of the need to be some kind of wise authority figure was the way to go, and that communication in clear and concise language was what people craved. They weren’t coming to see me because everything in their lives was peachy, they were there because they had problems and wanted clarity.

“Oh, thank goodness! You’re so normal!” was a compliment, whether they actually said it out loud or it was written on their face.

One of the funniest moments was with a regular client. A lovely man with a high-flying corporate job that required him to do a mind-boggling amount of international travel. Whenever he was in town he’d come in for a weekly chakra balance and before he went away he’d always book in advance, so he had an appointment fixed for a day or two after he returned. He always asked an amazing array of in-depth and informed questions about the nature of the Universe, the nature of Time, the afterlife, other dimensions and so on. He found the chakra balancing treatments very helpful with jet lag and said he always felt much more centred and present after a session.

We got along very well and enjoyed the opportunities for intelligent, unsensationalised (is that actually a word?!) conversations. I looked forward to him coming in and he always told me it was a highlight of the week for him.

One day however, he looked rather sheepish and I wondered what was on his mind…no, its not what you’re thinking, he didn’t ask me out on a date…he was happily married with two lovely children…but still, I could tell that there was something he wanted to say. Eventually the session ended and we were standing at the reception desk processing his payment when he said, in the nicest possible manner “Could you please ask your receptionist not to call my office to confirm our appointments?”

“Sure.” replied I, still aware of his discomfort.

“It’s just that…” he continued, “I don’t really want people in the office to know that I’m coming here to see you. I’ll call you myself if I need to reschedule.”

I wasn’t the least bit hurt or offended by this – maybe a little taken aback – but it helped me to understand his world a little more and also where I stood in relation to it. His ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’ comments were indicative of a greater divide and lack of understanding in the wider world, and this got me thinking.

I won’t pretend that that was the day I decided to start running workshops teaching people about their own chakras and how to balance them, but it was fuel to my fire. Rather than making me want to run away and hide, experiences like those above helped me understand that there was a hunger for information and experience that was accessible and not intimidating.

So I thanked ‘Mr. Don’t call me…’ and booked him in for his next appointment!