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It’s not every day that you meet someone who can ‘read’ past-lives, and I certainly never imagined that I would become one of those people. I had been happy – thrilled actually – with the simple miracle of being able to detect a client’s chakras and pass on some information about them. I’d been even more amazed when useful verbal information came through for the client. So, things were certainly looking up in my world.

After that first past-life ‘vision’ I didn’t go home thinking “Wow, this is the beginning of a new era, I’m going to be a Clairvoyant Healer now.” I just went home and made dinner. The Universe however, had just got started with me and something amazing was coming around the bend. My ability to ‘see’ more continued to grow. Snippets of past-life ‘footage’ became coherent, feature-length documentaries and details such as the country and date or era in which the client’s life had taken place were simply told to me – usually by that firm, male voice.

Reincarnation had not been a topic of conversation over Sunday lunch with my family as I was growing up. Yet somehow, from my first awareness of this concept, it made sense to me and felt true. As a child I was drawn to books about Ancient Egypt and all their wondrous traditions. I sensed, rather than knew, that the Soul was something that lived before we took physical form and after we departed this world. As the years of doing past-life readings flew by I sometimes wondered if the Universe had chosen me or given me this gift because I’d been open to the idea since I was young.

A few years ago I was challenged by a man who although Western by birth, had spent much time studying in the East, and referred to himself as a Yogi. We were at a social gathering and he was mocking me and my work. He’d never read my book or had a reading with me but it was clear that he thought all ‘clairvoyants’ were trivial people and that he was the real deal. At last he said to me – “You can’t prove that these past-lives have really happened or that reincarnation is true!” and I was astounded at the hostility with which he accused me of this inability to prove anything. My response was from the heart and simple, I said  -“No, I can’t prove those things, but all I know is that the clients I work with relate to the information I give them, that they often feel relieved, lighter, and better after the reading and they feel like something has shifted or been resolved.”

I think the Yogi was disappointed that I didn’t just quail in the face of his challenge. Nor did I try to defend my position. I did my best to be honest and agreed that I couldn’t prove these things, but that the fact that my clients feel better, that they return, and that they send their family and friends is enough verification for me. People know the truth when they hear it. It resonates at a deep level, and that can’t be faked. It either strikes a chord with them or it doesn’t, so over the years I have learned to trust the information and guidance that comes to me because I love seeing that ‘ah-ha’ look on a clients face when the Universe reaches out to them in such a personal way.

So, enter my first truly mind-blowing experience with the healing power of reading past-lives and releasing the negative old patterns and beliefs from that life.

I’m still in my first year of practice and a new client arrives, hobbling along bravely on crutches. She is in her early twenties, attractive, spiritually attuned and in the process of becoming a naturopath. She is on crutches because her right foot is in excruciating pain, so much so that she cannot put any weight on it. None of the doctors or specialists she has seen could accurately pinpoint the problem or the cause. So she was diagnosed with gout!

Once We had her lying down the chakra balancing commenced and there were a few obvious energy blockages here and there. But then, on my inner screen, a past-life began to unfold. It was totally fascinating. She had been an eccentric loner of a woman in a past-life several hundred years earlier. Living on the fringes of society and not accepted by the people in the European town she called home. She was a ‘gypsy’ and even a ‘witch’ in some peoples’ estimation and therefore, someone to be avoided.

Back in that lifetime she used to go into the local cemetery at night after a recent burial and sing to the deceased and give them a little ceremony to help ease their passage into the next world. One night as she was doing this she heard some people coming into the cemetery. In a panic, and realising that she couldn’t go back to the gate lest she cross paths with the intruders, she tried to scramble over the tall, wrought-iron fence. It was higher than she thought and as she lost her balance she impaled her right foot on one of the terrible spikes!

Incredibly, she pulled her foot up and off the spike (ouch!) and then limped home to treat herself. She survived and lived on to about age 70, still treating the townspeople who came to her secretly for healing when all other avenues had failed them, and going to the cemetery at night to perform her loving rituals.

We’ll never exactly know why that past-life began to cause problems for my client at that time in her life, but her feelings about it were strong and clear. She said to me – “I want to become a naturopath and healer in this lifetime, yet I have always had a fear that people wouldn’t accept me if I followed that path. I feel that this past-life has been cleared today so that  I can move forward more confidently in my current life. So I wont feel like a freak or an outcast.”

And so, yet again I felt humbled by the power of the Universe to guide us to where we need to go and what we need to know. My client knew exactly what her past-life story was trying to tell her and all I needed to do was be the mouthpiece for that information. And yes, the pain in her foot disappeared.

Voila! for me, that is proof enough.