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Working in the world of ‘woo-woo’ felt surreal to me. As if homoeopathy wasn’t ‘out there’ enough! More and more clients came to see me for chakra balancing and yet my stubbornness (and maybe the effort of four years of study) saw me continually trying to interest them in a homoeopathy consultation. Some of them did come for homoeopathy too, but not enough.

Instead of feeling excited about my growing popularity as an energy worker I felt despondent about my lack of success as a homoeopath. I had professional supervision with my final year lecturer and attended fascinating seminars presented by homoeopaths from Europe. All of this was wonderful but it wasn’t paying the bills. Thank goodness I had hung on to some part-time work at the bookstore or I may have wound up busking on the streets!

Around this time I met, and began to date, a very interesting fellow. He was aware of so-called ‘alternative’ therapies but lived a fairly main-stream life himself. His brilliance was for marketing and structuring in business and he helped so much in that area. When it came to charging for the services I offered and promoting myself I was still very timid. Asking for payment at the end of a session used to make me cringe inside and having to write something positive about myself for a brochure was a challenge. This new ‘amour’ of mine saw money in ways I had never really thought of. He saw it all as a big game with no limit to what you could charge if you had the nerve. Back then people like Anthony Robbins were selling millions of books world-wide, I remember being sick of seeing his face on the covers of his books in the ‘Business’ section of the bookstore.

One of my first promotional posters with the tear-off tabs down the side

One of my first promotional posters with the tear-off tabs down the side

Whilst I didnt adopt a gung-ho attitude to business or start charging my clients a fortune, I did learn a great deal about how to market myself efffectively. Simple items like an A4 sized poster with tear off tabs brought me many new clients. So my fledgeling confidence began to grow. When I think back now on the many hours my boyfriend spent helping me with this I still feel extremely grateful. I was clueless about designing anything on a computer and had a slow, old printer at home. He designed layouts, added colour, inserted pictures and then used the photocopier at his office after hours whenever he could. My Angels sent him to me for sure.

By now I had been doing chakra balances for clients for several months and the results were often amazing. Clients would report that their aches and pains had gone away, that they were feeling more emotionally stable, that they were having intuitive insights of their own or that matters that had dragged them down in the past no longer bothered them. I was completely blown away, but there was SO much more to come.

I cannot describe to you how thrilling it was for me to be able to feel the movement of a clients’ chakras on the palms of my hands. I was utterly delighted when I could see occasional flashes of colour in the chakras or the client’s aura. I had never imagined I could do this sort of thing and had never expected it. It was as though I had attained some kind of pinnacle of ability and awareness. Every now and then, whilst performing a chakra balance, I would receive brief messages or just a word here and there, repeating itself over and over in my mind. So I would work up the courage to tell my client and to my amazement it often meant something to them.

Its difficult for me to convey how weird this all was for me back then. One of the other practitioners had bought a lamp system from Switzerland – seven lamps in the seven colours of the chakras – and he would have his client lie down while the lamps shone on the chakra areas. Another practitioner was a medium who received messages from the other side and the acupuncturist would fill the entire centre with the aroma of moxa, a strange substance that he burned whilst treating his patients. I honestly felt like I had entered another world.

So, try to image how I felt the day that I saw my first past life. It was thrilling and totally daunting at the same time. I had always

Then the poster I created to promote my new ability - Past Life Readings!

Then the poster I created to promote my new ability – Past Life Readings!

believed in reincarnation, so I had no problem with that. The main issue for me was in trusting the information that came to me so spontaneously and trying to figure out what to do next. My client was lying on the treatment table while I was balancing her chakras. Next thing I realised that I was being given a vision, like watching a movie playing in my mind’s eye. In the vision people were running, screaming and being shot at by soldiers. It looked like some kind of civil war, and even though I had never been there, I had a strong feeling that the scene was in South America somewhere. The clothing spoke of the era around the 1930’s

As I stood there, utterly bemused and wondering if I had begun daydreaming, I wondered to myself “What is this? What is this all about?” Then a firm, male voice spoke to me and said “Its her past life, tell her about it.”

I nearly froze with anxiety. How could I tell this unsuspecting client, who had come in for a relaxing chakra balance, that I was apparently being shown a past life history about her? But the next question I asked myself was even more unnerving. “If the information is meant for her how could I justify not telling her?” It was the beginning of a whole new level of understanding for me, namely that the information I receive is meant for my client and is not there for me to hold on to, no matter how awkward I may feel about conveying it. So I told her what I was seeing. I honestly thought she would be annoyed or upset and call me a freak.

In reality, she simply listened and afterwards said “Yes, I can relate to quite a lot of that. Some of it makes sense to me.” I was dumbfounded. She thanked me, paid and left while I was left to ponder…..”I’m seeing past lives now? Universe, what on earth is going on and what do you want from me?”