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How do you know when you are on your life path? How can you be sure that you are on the journey for your highest good, rather than on a demoralising detour? The truth is that you usually don’t know. It can take years of being on your highest path before you actually recognise it for what it is. Why? Because it often looks very different from the life you had pictured for yourself OR the life you thought you should picture for yourself.

The fashion-industry-high-flyer mold had been the wrong fit for me. Now I was studying homoeopathy and felt a passion for it that I had not felt in years. I was excited about the prospect of graduating and setting up my own practice. Back in high school I had been interested in studying psychology but lacked the confidence to go for it despite my good grades. For some unknown reason I felt intimidated by university; but with my homoeopathy diploma course whizzing by I would soon have some letters after my name.

My Diploma of Homoeopathy. A proud moment for me.

My Diploma of Homoeopathy. A proud moment for me.

One day, only a few months before I graduated with that diploma, I received a phone call from Marilyn. A very rare event indeed.

“Are you alright Marilyn, aren’t you well enough to hold our class tonight?”

“There wont be any more classes.” said she, without offering any further explanation.

Its difficult to describe how I felt, but bewilderment and a sense of loss describe it most accurately. For nearly two years I had been happily attending Marilyn’s group once a week as well as her extra workshops whenever she offered them. Our group was like a little family and I had made some nice friends amongst them. We were all upset and then the rumours began to fly. They varied from notions about changes in Marilyn’s personal life, to murmurings from some of the students that they hadn’t been happy with her teaching for some time because they believed she was ‘holding them back’ and stopping them from becoming ‘as good as her’. Apparently some of the students wanted to step up and be like Marilyn, maybe even run a group themselves and Marilyn hadn’t liked this.

I never discovered the truth according to Marilyn and actually never saw her again. This all felt very strange to me and was another reminder that the ‘Love and Light’ community is populated with personalities and egos just like any other.

So I completed my diploma and was awarded the amazing prize of ‘Best Graduate’ that came with a $500 voucher to spend with a top Australian supplier of homoeopathic remedies. I was thrilled. My dispensary would be overflowing with wonderful remedies and this felt like a sure sign that being a homoeopath was the right thing for me. What could go wrong?

Just down the road from the bookstore I found a natural therapies clinic and rented a room for a few hours a week. It was 1997 and I was out to tell the world that I was available and ready to heal all their ills. Endless hours were devoted to designing business cards, brochures, fliers and doing letterbox drops through the streets of North Sydney and beyond. I also came to know every public notice-board in the area. But very few clients came and I began to realise that homoeopathy had a huge PR problem. It is a truly amazing modality, but even after four years of study I still had difficulty explaining what it was and how it worked in a nutshell.

The practice of it – when a client did come – was much more difficult than in student clinic too. It was hard to get clients to understand that the cure might take a while and even more nerve-wracking for me, to try to choose the best remedy in the best potency at the best dosage. The various permutations were literally endless. I found myself feeling demoralised and going backwards financially at a horrendous rate because I had to pay rent on that little room whether I had any clients or not.

My fellow practitioners were wonderful, fascinating people. There I was hanging our with acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy healers and the like. It was always interesting to talk with them and to learn how they were making their practices work. I was totally in awe of the busy ones who were booked out weeks in advance.

Two incredible things happened in my first months at Natural Therapy Associates. Miracle #1 – One of the massage therapists loved receiving chakra balances from me. This technique had been a main-stay of Marilyn’s classes and I still enjoyed doing a chakra balance from time to time. One day, I was sitting in my office with no clients booked in (yet again) wondering how I was going to pay my rent. I heard the phone ring out in reception and then heard that masseuse say “Oh yes, Belinda does chakra balancing! I will book you in to see her right away!”

So, before I could say a word she had booked me my first chakra balancing client. I had never done this for a paying client before! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I sure went ahead and did it and the client loved it. The next thing I knew, she was coming back for another session and sending her friends. Stupidly, I continuously tried to convert them over to homoeopathy consultations but thankfully they ignored me and just kept coming back for more chakra balancing.

Miracle #2 – It didn’t take me long to realise that having a treatment table at home would also be a good idea (clients usually lie down for chakra balancing so they can relax). I needed $100 to buy a good quality second-hand table. Being bereft of this astronomical sum at the time I asked my Angels for help, shrugged my shoulders and sighed wistfully, then went outside to get some afternoon tea. As I walked towards the cafe I noticed some rubbish flutter on the ground near a doorway, and then I realised it was a $100 note. Really. I nearly fell over with shock, then ran to collect it, looking around all the while for the person who had dropped it and would surely want it back. There was no one around. Not a soul. At 3pm in this busy district there was no one to sing out to.

“Thank you Angels!” And that was how I was able to buy my first ever treatment table.