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Literally translated from the French, ‘clairvoyance’ means ‘to see clearly’. I love that because it shows that there’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s not superstition or smoke and mirrors.
Instead, clairvoyance uses intuition to access truth unavailable on the surface level of logic and information. You read between the lines to connect with what’s really going on. Anyone can have their head crammed full of facts and figures, but no intuitive direction.

Everyone is born with this intuition, and children often act on a clairvoyant level. But as we grow, the pressures and disturbances of physical life distract us from our innate abilities.
And while earlier cultures gave clairvoyance varying emphasis, our own tends to ignore it and focus on the logical mind.
You do need your mind, of course. It tells you which train to catch and all sorts of important things. So intuition isn’t about leaving your brain behind, but feeling your way as well. And when you do this, it’s the doorway to an incredible sense of oneness with all of life.

What is Clairvoyance Used for?


Clairvoyance solves prosaic problems, such as lost car keys, and gives knowledge that enables us to make decisions for our highest benefit.
Fundamentally, it connects us to life in the present. People are obsessed with the future because they don’t want to live in the present! But that’s where the magic is!
Sometimes, intuited knowledge can be challenging, but wouldn’t you rather know so you can deal with it? Luckily, however, the Universe never gives information we can’t handle. And when clairvoyance reveals a future ‘probable reality’, it enables us to change our behavior and choices to create a new future.

“It takes courage. But you don’t get power in your life without courage and risk.”

How to Enhance Your Powers of Intuition


Clairvoyance requires imagination, not as fabrication but as a bridge between physical and spiritual realities. It also relies on bodily awareness.
We tend to think, in the west, that we have a physical body that does mechanical things, and then a spiritual body that’s somewhere out there, where you can’t really put your finger on it. In actual fact, your body is an incredibly intuitive instrument.

Meditation is the most important exercise in strengthening intuition.
People say ‘It’s boring, do I have to?’ But the one thing that gets in the way of intuition – and this is universal – is the monkey mind: the part of your mind that never stops planning, worrying and scheming.Meditation is the quickest, most effective way to calm this tendency. Practicing silence and being alone, in meditation or daily life, also helps.

I would describe the ‘clairvoyant channel’ as a beam of light shining into the body through the crown chakra, connecting a person to the universe’s divine light or energy. Visualizing it strengthens connection to that energy. Chakra balancing (through meditation or other work) also facilitates clairvoyance.

Ways to Recognize Your Intuitive Powers


  • Your body feels unwell in a specific situation
    It’s important to listen to what your body tells you. Headaches, stomach tightness and nausea can be intuitive sensations telling you that this situation is not right for you.
  • You have a strong hunch or urge that is not logical
    These hunches can protect us from dangerous situations or guide us to great opportunities and chance meetings.
  • Your writing flows clearly and seems to come to mind in entirety
    Famous writers and composers have also used this intuitive ability.
  • You notice the same word or message occurring in different ways throughout the day
    This can be your awareness and Angelic communication trying to get through to you.
  • You ‘feel’ what a person is like, although you’ve only just met
    Everyone has their own personal energy and clairvoyance increases sensitivity to these energies around us.
  • A dream or song holds special meaning for you
    This shows your intuitive ability to see beyond surface meanings, into deeper truths.
  • Your adolescent rebellion
    This can be a way of resisting the world’s pull away from your spiritual nature.
  • You ‘remember’ an experience that has not happened in this life
    This can be an experience from our past beyond this lifetime.
  • You feel a presence near you, although no one is visible
    This can show your sense of an Angel or Spirit Guide nearby.


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