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What Are the Chakras?

The word ‘chakra’ comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit and means ‘wheel of light’. The chakras are major energy centres within us that support all the functions of our physical and spiritual bodies. Buddhist and Hindu texts have been referring to the importance of balanced and healthy chakras for over 5000 years.

Having a basic understanding of the chakras and their purpose is very helpful in many areas of life. They greatly affect your physical, emotional and spiritual health. We all know how our blood circulates around the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to every tissue and cell. We have also come to understand that our circulation aids in the removal of unwanted, toxic or spent materials from our bodies. When circulation of blood is poor, it can affect our health in many different ways.

The chakras and the many channels of energy that connect them, known as nadis, work in a very similar way. There are seven main chakras in your body, located individually at the base of your spine, just below your navel, at your solar plexus, at the center of your chest, over your throat, on your forehead above the bridge of your nose and on the top, or crown of your head. There are also chakras on the soles of your feet, in or over every joint in your body and placed all around you in your aura or energy field. Some ancient Indian texts detail the existence of as many as 88,000 chakras.
All of these chakras are then connected to each other through the network of nadis to form a vast circulation system for universal energy. Not the kind of energy that you think of in terms of calories or physical energy, but that beautiful, subtle and vital energy sometimes described as prana, qi or chi.

If you are alive and breathing then all your chakras are spinning or active to some degree. It is an amazing system that can still function after many years of abuse and neglect. It is a life support system as vital as the delivery of oxygen to our cells. Poor health and lifestyle habits will have an impact on your chakras and their ability to keep the vital life force moving around you. On the plus side, balancing and clearing your chakras (refer to the chapter on meditation) from time to time will keep them strong and help you to improve your health.

To an intuitive or clairvoyant, the chakras may appear like spheres or circles of spinning, coloured light. Often when I am working with one of my clients, their chakras will display these characteristics along with many other forms. Frequently I will see their chakras as flowers, sometimes large and flat like gerberas, sometimes like a rose and at other times like the classic lotus flower as described in many ancient spiritual texts. In a healthy state, the chakras will spin evenly and quickly and each one will glow brightly with a particular colour of the light spectrum. Altogether the seven main chakras make up the colours of the rainbow. A weak, tired or stressed chakra can feel very sluggish or have a very unbalanced, elliptical spin. On your inner screen you might see the chakra as being dull or dark, rather than the lovely bright colour it should ideally be.

All chakras have very special functions and none is more important than another. Ultimately, a true intuitive uses her whole being as a sensitive instrument in order to receive, understand and pass on information and healing.

Read: ‘Connecting and Opening Your Channel’ to help you develop that.

Your brow chakra has a powerful intuitive function and potential. One of its many blessings is to provide those of us who wish to use our second sight with an “inner screen”. Imagine that on the inner surface of your forehead you have a blank surface or screen that is receptive to all the guidance you can receive in the form of images and pictures. This is what the brow chakra provides for you as it acts a portal for all that you will see. Meditating on your brow chakra and on the creation of your inner screen will reactivate and strengthen it. Fluorite is a stone that is said to increase the powers of your brow chakra and second sight, or clairvoyant sight as I prefer to call it. So invest in a piece of beautiful fluorite and place it on your brow while you are meditating.

Simple Experiment to Help you Tune in to Your Own Chakras

Sitting or lying comfortably, close your eyes and take your attention to one of your chakras. Just focus gently on that area of your body. You may want to put one or both of your hands over the chakra as well. Now see if you can feel a kind of spinning sensation there, like an energy moving rhythmically round and round. Some of you will feel this movement in your body and others will feel it in the palm of your hand as it lies on top of the chakra; some of you will feel a kind of warmth or radiation as well.

Then simply intend to send your chakra an uplifting, healing energy and Light and imagine it coming from the cosmos through your hands and into your chakra. I always find it helpful to picture the Light in the same colour as the chakra itself – e.g. red for the base chakra or blue for the throat chakra. Stay with this for a few minutes and then ask your Angels and Guides to wrap you in a loving cocoon of energy and Light to finish off this simple process. Your intention to balance and cleanse your chakras will be enough to invite your Angels and Guides and the Universe to work with you.