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Bring Harmony, Balance and Joy back into your life with the Divine Feminine

Are you tired of being busy all the time, feeling out of balance or dissatisfied with your love life? Would you like to feel more feminine or be in touch with your more feminine, creative qualities?

Whether you are male or female you have the capacity to reconnect more fully with your Divine Feminine energies and empower them to enhance every aspect of your life.

If you are less than fifty years old you have probably grown up with the basic understanding that men and women are equal and that we are entitled to equal rights, such as the right to vote, earn fair pay for our work, own property and so on. It is quite natural that as part of their journey into abundance, women have had to take themselves forward in these, and many other ways.

There was a time when women were considered to be spiritually inferior by many religions and biologically inferior by the medical profession. Less than two hundred years ago some doctors and scientists dedicated themselves to a lifetime of trying to prove that the female brain was smaller and/or less capable than the male brain. In her later years a woman may have lived in genuine fear of being institutionalized for symptoms we now recognize as menopausal. It was not unusual for a woman to be branded a hypochondriac or hysteric at that time in her life; especially if she was a spinster or widow with no one to take care of her. The word ‘hysterical’ comes from the word ‘hyster’ as in ‘hysterectomy’.

As recently as the early 1900’s women were automatically expected to hand all of their property over to their husband when they married and were not allowed to give evidence against their husbands in a court of law. From 1960 onwards women have made great strides forward in their rights, quality of life and the voice they have in society. All of this was absolutely necessary and the Angels know that many men helped the cause of women to improve also.

Yet while all this positive change was taking place something very important was almost lost and mostly forgotten; shelved until further notice because no one really knew what to do with it. The Divine Empowered Feminine seemed a bit old fashioned and even obsolete in the headlong rush to have the same rights and freedoms as men. Coco Chanel scandalized the fashion-aware world by wearing trousers and relaxed shapes instead of corsets and a dress. The two world wars had a major impact on the role of women in the family, society, business and politics. During the second world war in particular, they were able to show that they could do many of the things men could do, and western culture would never be the same

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the modern-style sexual emancipation of women became possible, underlined by the availability of the contraceptive pill and women expressing their sexuality more openly in many ways. Being a virgin when you married and only having one partner for life, gave way to dating, living together, living on your own and many other forms of female independence. The Divine Empowered Feminine was not destroyed by all of this, but it was forgotten in an important sense. As women became more masculine in their thinking and behaviour we lost touch with an important part of ourselves along the way.

This doesn’t only apply to women! No matter what gender you are you have a certain amount of feminine and masculine energy within you. Known in eastern culture as Yin for the Feminine and Yang for the Masculine. The black and white Yin-Yang symbol always shows that the black area has a spot of white in it and the white area has a spot of black in it. Indicating of course that you are never just one or the other and neither is anything in the Universe. The constant interplay between Yin and Yang could also be described as the vital force or Universal energy, the very stuff that makes our world go around.

Whether you are a woman or a man – how this forgetting of the Divine Empowered Feminine might be affecting your life. What we tend to see around us most of the time is the Distorted Masculine, whereby masculine energy is harnessed to accomplish goals, win, triumph, use and even destroy. Just think of some of the selfish excesses we can see in corporate business, politics, the way we have abused the environment and even sport, as well as the untold devastation caused by war. The Distorted Masculine tends to work with a win-loose dynamic, just like in a contest or duel. There can only be one winner, one top dog, one first prize. This can make life exciting, but not terribly nurturing.

How many women and men do you know, perhaps yourself included, who think and live their lives from a very masculine energy? You may have a demanding job with a constant pressure to succeed and increase, you may be a habitual organizer and live by your clock and diary. There may not be much time left in your life for connecting with nature or contemplation and reflection, because you are so busy planning everything and getting everything done. This kind of life is dominated by the mind rather than the heart and is dedicated to being and staying in control.

The Divine Empowered Feminine is the magic that is missing from many of our lives. The Distorted Masculine doesn’t trust easily, tends to ignore emotions and intuition, wants proof of everything and sees a scientific or logical approach to life as the only valid way. When was the last time you were in a meeting at work, or in an ordinary situation with people you know, had a strong hunch about something but didn’t dare to mention it because you had nothing concrete to back in up?

Before we pave, develop and modernize this world – and ourselves – to death, we need to stop and think about the importance of positive feminine energy and how to bring that back into our lives. The Divine Empowered Feminine is the ultimate form of abundance; working as it does with the cycles of nature, intuition, trust and a win-win approach for everyone. Encouraging the Divine Empowered Feminine to restore itself to you will then encourage the Divine Empowered Masculine to resurrect itself as a complement to the Feminine.

Our feminine energies are tired. Tired of the race to be the most successful, richest, most powerful, fastest, strongest or whatever. When the feminine collapses within you what you find is the Distorted Masculine that just wants to control everything and lives through fear, or the Distorted Feminine which is dominated by negative emotions, neediness and a sense of powerlessness. The Angels say that living with the Distorted Feminine and Distorted Masculine is one of the greatest causes of depression and can be a terrible cycle of highs and lows that is difficult to escape.

The Empowered Masculine is always strong, but in a nurturing, encouraging, protective and supportive way. Chivalrous would be the old-fashioned way to describe it, but as women became more squeamish about appearing to ‘need’ men too much, men no longer found they had a use for chivalry. It’s interesting to note that there is no real female equivalent for the word ‘chivalrous’. It’s a word that really only applies to men. The Angels say that the female compliment to being chivalrous is to be ‘Luminous’ and that it’s time for women to be luminous again so that our men can respond to our luminosity with chivalrous behaviour.

This is not just about who opens the door for who, or who puts the garbage out; but those small, daily events are included. In the bigger picture the dynamic between men and women can become healthier, with greater respect, understanding and better communication. Mother Nature is also a feminine energy and treating Her with respect and loving care is now a matter of urgency.

Deep down most women long to be treated gracefully by their men and that most men flourish when women give them the chance to show their chivalrous quality. Respect for others is a direct expression of the respect you have for yourself, and we can all benefit from some improvement in that area. Whether you are a woman or a man you can increase your personal abundance and make direct contact with your enough-ness by reintegrating you Divine Empowered Feminine.

The feminine energy is the holder of the life force and the giver of life in this physical reality, so no wonder it is the fundamental form of abundance! 

The Divine Empowered Feminine is characterized by nurturing behaviour, patience, caring, intuition, acceptance, trust, going with the flow, harmony with natural cycles, sharing, communal cooperation, healing, nature, and a more circular, organic approach to getting things done. The Divine Empowered Masculine is characterized by being protective, attentive, helpful, able to make decisions, leadership, accomplishment, setting goals, building and creating for the good of all, achievement, facing and overcoming challenges and a more direct approach to getting things done. The two are complimentary – similar, but not the same; equal, and different at the same time. It’s another one of those paradoxes and a very important distinction to understand.

Women were never meant to be like men and that men were never meant to be like women. Whether you are male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, one of the keys to your personal abundance lies in fully embracing the positive version of your dominant gender. The Distorted Masculine dominates, controls, must win at all cost, uses without replacing and destroys. The Divine Empowered Masculine protects, encourages, builds, invents, cooperates and creates. The Distorted Feminine obsesses about appearance, is self-absorbed, controls others through emotions, is dominated by her own and feels unloved. The Divine Empowered Feminine is beautiful from her core, gentle, naturally confident, wonderful to be around and is the centre from which all things grow.

If you feel that modern life and a constant pressure to ‘be someone’ has pushed you to the brink of emotional exhaustion and is causing you to believe that you will never be enough, then the Divine Empowered Feminine is reaching a hand out to you now. Once you have reintegrated and re-awoken this important aspect of yourself your Divine Empowered Masculine will Automatically follow because it’s the feminine energy that provides the fertile soil for all of our creations, and the masculine energy lies within it like a seed, just waiting for its opportunity to burst through and grow.

Exercise –


Requirements – a quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably and uninterrupted.

Optional – light a candle to create a soft, warm atmosphere

and a journal or diary and pen for making notes afterwards.

Time required – around 15 minutes

  • Make yourself comfortable, turn off all distractions, such as your telephone, and be sure to light your candle first if that is what you would like.


  • Call in all your own Angels and Spirit Guides and ask them to support you while you do this process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know their names or other specific details, just call them in and they will be there for you.


  • Take a minute or two to contemplate your own feminine qualities. Do you tend to hide your gentleness, softness, feelings, emotions, creativity or intuition around some, or even all other people? Do you have an exterior that is a bit ‘tougher’ than you would like?


  • Spend another minute or two letting your imagination unfold. What might your Divine Empowered Feminine look like if she had a form?


Note – if you are a woman, she might be wearing a beautiful flowing dress and have flowers in her hair. She might look like a goddess, faerie or high-priestess. Maybe she looks as though she is from a bygone era or has a strong quality of romantic, feminine beauty around her like your own personal, inner Guinevere.

If you are a man your Divine Empowered Feminine might also look like a female, even a goddess-type figure of some kind. Or like a creative male – perhaps an artist with brushes and easel or a musician playing a romantic, expressive instrument like a violin. Perhaps yours will look like a poet from another era, or be out wandering in a beautiful garden.

These are just suggestions, let your own imagination create something wonderfully feminine for you.

  • Now call to your Divine Empowered Feminine in your mind or out loud. If you can’t see an image in your mind’s eye please don’t worry, your intention is enough. Just call to her and ask her to return to you fully.


  • Let your Divine Empowered Feminine know that you need her influence and wisdom in your life and that you long for the balance and harmony she can bring.
  • Imagine her coming forward immediately and embracing you, surrounding you in her compassion and unconditional love.
  • Speak to your Divine Empowered Feminine in whatever way feels good for you. She is like a dear friend who has been waiting in the wings, ready to help, support and love you the moment you asked her to.


  • Ask her to show you ways to express her energy, abundance and Light in your everyday life. Give yourself a moment to feel her creativity filling you.


  • When you are ready, thank your Divine Empowered Feminine for returning. Join hands or link arms with her if that feels good.


  • Make a commitment to yourself to live more from this place within you.


  • Take a deep breath in, exhale fully and then open your eyes.


  • Make some notes about your experience in your journal if that feels appropriate.


The Divine Empowered Feminine is like a garden. She ebbs and flows with the seasons, is still when she needs to be still and full of colour, life and nourishment when the timing is right. She bursts with fruit and flowers and attracts all good things to her. Animals and people come to marvel at her beauty, enjoy her shade and fragrance, and restore themselves.

The Divine Empowered Masculine is like the Gardener. He builds up the beds, shapes the garden, puts up little fences and trellises where necessary and turns the soil. He plants the seeds that the feminine gave him in the first place and protects them while they grow. Sometimes he has to work hard and also needs to be in harmony with the seasons, and when harvest time comes he enjoys the bounty of his reward. He profits from her beauty and abundance and she profits from his strength and diligence. Together they make a wonderful team.

Without the gardener the Divine Empowered Feminine tries to fill that role herself for as long as she can, but eventually she becomes damaged and disorganized. She needs his support and structure to make the most of her ability to give. Without the garden the Divine Empowered Masculine grows dull, uninspired, hungry and eventually desperate. He tries to feed on whatever he can, taking things that aren’t his or creating artificial replacements. He needs her natural goodness to feed his body, mind and Soul. When he supports, protects and nurtures her his own wellbeing is automatically taken care of because her natural abundance means he can replenish himself through her whenever he needs to.

Next time you engage with your feminine energies, remind yourself that they truly are enough and that needing the masculine strength and structure is not a weakness. Talking about the so-called ‘differences’ between men and women may not be fashionable or politically correct, but the Angels say that’s just the way life is. “Birds do it, bees do it…..” to quote the words from an old song; and the truth is that we are just animals too. The feminine/masculine dynamic is the law of the jungle and by embracing your Divine Empowered Feminine you breathe life into your Divine Empowered Masculine so the juices of your abundance can start flowing again.

Excerpt from BelindaGrace’s popular book ‘You Are Abundant – why you are enough the way you are’ and the ‘True Love Reading Cards’ published by Rockpool Publishing Australia

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