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Extracts from – ‘You Are Abundant – Why You Are Enough the Way You Are’ by BelindaGrace.

When we think about the words abundance or prosperity our minds usually turn to topics such as money, career and the possessions we own. Most people in our culture will tell you that they are not abundant enough and that they would love to win the lottery, own a bigger house or have a job that pays them more. Yet it seems so often that the more we have, the less likely we are to feel truly fulfilled, happy and abundant.

Redefining Abundance

This latest global economic crisis highlights a great need to look at abundance in a totally different light. We need to redefine our concept of abundance and prosperity so it can’t be pulled out from under us through the loss of a job, property, superannuation or a stock market crash. The pleasure we may derive from material abundance is real enough, but what else can we do to fill our lives with a more consistent, holistic and personal form of abundance?

True abundance comes in a spiritual and emotional form. When you feel abundant from within, when you can feel wealthy and fulfilled irrespective of your material situation, then you have riches in your life that no one could ever take away. One of the most common causes of not feeling abundant from within yourself is the belief that you are somehow not enough. That being you just isn’t good enough.

Every day we are bombarded with messages, especially through advertising, that we are lacking in one way or another. This insidious message can turn us into compulsive consumers, but it has a much more damaging effect. We start to absorb these messages from a very young age, so we don’t even realize that we are buying into these ideas and believing them, we think that it’s normal to feel this way. This leads to feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism, giving rise to ideas like “when I get a better job I will be happy” or “once I lose a few kilos I will meet the love of my life”. But the truth is you can be happy and you are loveable right now!

Free Yourself of Guilt

The feelings of guilt that are a common and unpleasant side effect of not feeling like you are enough can easily be healed, you just need to know how, so we would like to share this simple mantra with you.

The Forgiveness Mantra is subtle, gentle and deeply healing and the vibration of these beautiful words will help restore you to a much more positive and self-loving place. The last line of the mantra is particularly powerful because it indicates that you have always been forgiven and loved by the Universe and that All That Is never measures, judges or condemns you. Guilt and criticism are very human concepts and at the low end of our vibrational scale, but we can embrace the power of forgiveness and lift our own vibrations to a higher level.

When using this mantra it’s a great idea to hold a small crystal or pebble in one hand, turning it over and over in your palm as you say the words to yourself or out loud. This physical component of the mantra helps take the vibration of the words into every cell of your body so that repeating the mantra isn’t just a verbal or intellectual exercise. Use your crystal or pebble whenever it’s convenient to have it in your hand, but don’t hesitate to use the mantra at other times without the crystal if both hands are busy. Repeat the Forgiveness Mantra over and over to yourself as often as you can each day –

I forgive myself
I forgive myself
I forgive myself
I am forgiven.

Enjoy using this mantra and allowing the healing power of these words to move through you. Use it as often as you like and especially when you realize that you are criticizing or beating yourself up about something. We all make mistakes or miss out on opportunities that seem obvious in hindsight but being hard on yourself about it isn’t going to improve matters. Learn what you can from the experience, forgive yourself and move on.

In the same vein, many of us also feel lacking when we think about our life direction and career path. You may ask yourself “What is it I should be doing with my life?” Sometimes it can feel as though life is full of complications and contradictions, like your head is pulling in one direction and your heart in another. All the things we have to do in everyday life can often seem to get in the way of who we want to be. So how can you deal with this apparent conundrum?

Over the years my Angels and Spirit Guides have made it very clear to me and many of my clients that the things you do in life can be utilized as an expression of your inner truth. Or put another way, your doing is a way of expressing your being. Not all of us have the luxury of a fulfilling job that also pays well, many of us don’t even know what we would do if we could have our dream job or follow our highest calling. Most people just feel a vague yet nagging urge to express something from deep within.

One of the reasons we are here on this beautiful planet is to enjoy this physical reality as a way to express what is in our hearts and Souls. Feelings of inner abundance will grow whenever you express the unique gifts that are within you. Your unique gift may or may not be something through which you can support yourself financially, and it’s important to understand that it doesn’t have to be the kind of gift that is going to ‘change the world’.

In fact it’s vital to take care before turning a much-loved hobby or creative urge into a business. You may enjoy baking cupcakes or fixing your friends’ electronic gadgets, but try to imagine having to do that every day whether you want to or not. The joy of these activities can diminish quickly when the pressure to make a profit and pay the bills is placed upon them.

Your Soul longs to express your natural wisdom and joy through the inner abundance that is unique to you. If you love baking then take a cake with you whenever you visit a friend and watch their face light up. If fixing a television or sound system is easy for you then do that for the friend who bakes lovely cakes and experience the joy of this wonderful exchange. These small daily expressions of our truth are really the things that make the world go round because putting a smile on someone’s face is the easiest way to be a healer and a bringer of Light into our world.

We have this inner abundance with us at all times yet tend to undervalue it in comparison to money or fancy possessions, but the more we do that the more we are missing the point. You are abundant and you are enough the way you are. Utilize and develop the skills you have, follow your yearnings and curiosity, share yourself generously with others and you will never feel anything other than blessed.


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