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Letting go of old baggage that’s weighing you down…

We all feel it…that feeling of heaviness and wondering if things are ever going to change. When I was younger I used to try changing things in my outer world – like my job or where I lived – hoping that changing these things in my outer life would somehow erase the things that were bothering me deep inside.

Back then I didn’t understand that I was sensitive, intuitive and that it was okay just to be myself. I compared myself to everybody else and usually found myself wanting. I always felt ‘not good enough’. So even at a young age I knew that I had a lot of old baggage that was weighing me down.

Many Buddhists say ‘that there is no such thing as an innocent baby’ meaning that we all come into this lifetime with experiences, memories, talents and troubles from our previous lifetimes, which can amount to a lot of baggage when you don’t understand where it comes from or how to deal with it.

One of the biggest shifts we can have in life is when we acknowledge  very personal patterns around relationships. Out of sheer exasperation I demanded of my Angels and Guides ‘If there is a past life in which this pattern started I want to clear it now! Why do I keep attracting the same type of man over and over again?’ Soon after, as I sat with my journal ready to write down whatever feelings and impression that came to me, I understood that I had had a very difficult past-life experience in which I lost a husband that I totally adored. It was then that I realized that I held myself back in love for fear of losing someone dear to me again.

Your past life-times can have an enormous impact on your life today and can create frustrating patterns that leave you asking ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’

But you don’t need to carry this baggage around forever. You can make the same demand of your Angels and Guides once you are truly willing to acknowledge your baggage and let it go. So try these simple steps and notice what comes up for you. Acknowledge the baggage you are carrying around and the patterns repeating in your life.

  • Declare loudly and clearly to your Angels and Guides that ‘If there is a past life associated with these feelings/patterns you want to understand it and let it go!
  • Write down whatever impressions, feelings or memories that come to you without censoring them. Just get this old energy out of you and onto the paper.
  • Then, bless these past experiences for whatever lessons they brought you and dispose of what you wrote in a way that feels good to you. (I like to burn mine)
  • Finish the process by doing something to cleanse yourself, like having a swim, a shower or imagining yourself standing under a beautiful waterfall of silver energy and Light.

Acknowledge that you had been carrying that old energy-baggage around and that now, after your realization and release you are a new person. Say to yourself – ‘Well done!’

In my book ‘You are Clairvoyant’ I share with you other amazing stories of past-life patterns and how to let them go. And in my book ‘You are Abundant’ you can discover much more about the Silver Waterfall and methods for improving your self-esteem so that you can feel ‘enough’ just the way you are.


BelindaGrace holds a diploma in homeopathy and has studied spirituality and healing for most of her life. She has been practicing as a clairvoyant and healer for over 20 years and has done thousands of past-life readings for clients all over the world. Her books ‘You are Clairvoyant’ and “You are Abundant’ are available on and you can arrange your own personal reading with BelindaGrace by visiting