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Finding your purpose and passion…

What is the purpose of your life? What are you passionate about? If you find these questions difficult to answer, then don’t worry, millions of other people are also asking themselves these questions and the answers are rarely obvious.

It may be hard to believe at first, but my Angels and Guides have long been telling me that the purpose of all our lives is simply to be happy. But the truth is that our monkey mind and ego struggle with this because we have been indoctrinated to believe that life purpose is about career, parenting or changing the world. All of those things could be part of what you are passionate about in life but the fundamental realization that the purpose of your life is to be happy can be both liberating and unsettling at the same time.

The definition of ‘being happy’ in this context means a lot more than the trivial, superficial forms of happiness that are served up every day in consumer society. Our definition of being happy is about mindfulness, understanding who you are, speaking your truth, figuring out where you belong and being kind to yourself and to others. It’s about the type of happiness that creates a sense of inner peace and solidity in an ever-changing world.

Passion and purpose in life often have their genuine and natural roots back in your childhood. What were you interested in and excited about when you were a child? What did you dream of doing? How could those youthful dreams now be translated into your adult life? When you were young and before you took on the expectations and attitudes of modern life, you knew who you were. It may not be practical nowadays to be a steam-train driver or prima ballerina, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw those dreams and passions away.

The Universe is always calling to you to be your true and authentic self, to remember what is good and positive about yourself and then to put those things into action. Did you love steam-trains and train sets when you were a boy? That’s wonderful! Go out and harness that joy and find your local club or interest group in your region or online. Did you always dream of being a ballerina when you were a girl? How beautiful! So this Christmas or birthday ask that your family pull together to buy you a season ticket to the ballet instead of all those well-meaning gifts that you don’t really need or use.

My childhood dream was to be a writer. When I was a girl I imagined I would be writing novels like ‘Black Beauty’ and other favorites of mine from that age. I used to dream of sitting at a desk in front of a large window that looked out over the beach and the ocean. Almost half a century later that is precisely where I am sitting now as I write this story.

Back then I didn’t know that I would be writing books about intuition, clairvoyance, Angels and past-lives. All I did know was that I had to figure myself out, uncover my deepest inner truths and find as many ways as I could to be happy. It was that quest that led me here and I am truly grateful, even though at times the journey was confusing and difficult.

In my book ‘You are Inspired’ my Angels and Guides show you how to remember and reconnect with your dreams and sense of purpose. We show you how to uncover your authentic truth and get back on your path of purpose and passion. That is the blessing we wish for you.


BelindaGrace holds a diploma in homeopathy and has studied spirituality and healing for most of her life. She has been practicing as a clairvoyant and healer for over 20 years and never gave up on her search to discover the truth of what makes her deeply happy. Her book ‘You are Inspired’ is available on For more information about BelindaGrace please visit