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Clairvoyant readings testimonials


“The You Are Clairvoyant deck, was the very first deck of cards I purchased. I love the way that they make me connect with my intuitive side. The cards are like BelindaGrace has been watching over me! These are not just cards, they are also tools that you can use everyday, to make life a more purposeful existence. Love this deck.”

Melbourne, Australia

“The ‘Clairvoyant Reading Cards’ are the ones I use when I need to ‘get real’. They lovingly reveal truths I may be hesitant at first to accept, and in following the guidance I am often taken to a wonderful next step that I would not have taken otherwise. Thank you BelindaGrace.”

Melbourne, Australia

Hi BelindaGrace,

“A quick note to say that your True Love cards are exquisite!! I usually prefer tarot and dont usually “do” oracle cards! ….but when I saw your cards I was instantly attracted and bought them immediately. I just did 2 readings for men in their 20’s. They hung on to every word of yours! The descriptions are grounded, down to earth and practical and the images are beautiful. Thank you!!”

Melbourne, Australia

Hi BelindaGrace,

“I love the book and cards, they are not as I thought and so much better than I expected. The meanings are ringing so true.”

Carol W.
London, UK

“Hi BelindaGrace,

I just wanted to let you know that you are totally one of my soul sisters. I purchased your book a while ago – ‘You are Clairvoyant’ and I put it away and have been struggling for a few months with my path. Then after meditating and journaling the other day I found your book and started reading it and couldn’t put it down. I’m not much of a reader but your book makes me laugh and think and realize my purpose. Thank you from the bottom my heart. Wish I was in Australia to give you a huge hug. Thank you so much for BelindaGrace, your book was exactly what I needed right now!”

Minnesota, USA

“Hi BelindaGrace…

I was browsing Booktopia recently….and came across You are Abundant. I just knew I had to read this! Oh the tears and letting go as I read and completed your tasks. I’m currently up to chapter 11 but know that your guidance was exactly what I needed to get unstuck – Haha. As a spiritual seeker and teacher myself its refreshing and humbling not to mention inspiring to read info that assists my evolution…So when I get a book I can learn and apply new resources to then I am deeply grateful!…your tasks are completely fresh and nothing I’ve heard before, thus why I’m so happy to have found you!

What an Angel you have been to guide me through a sticky period and perfect timing being the year of 1 – new beginnings.

Thank you for being you and teaching me I AM enough!”

Sarah T.
QLD, Australia

“I have been a client of Belinda’s since 2007 and she is one of the finest Clairvoyants in the complimentary therapist field. It is very obvious from the start of her sessions that she loves what she does and is extremely professional in her demeanor. Belinda touches your heart with her openness, compassion and powerful insights into your very Being and brings messages from your personal angels and spiritual guides. Her ability to get multiple details and validations from your personal angels and spiritual guides is extremely accurate and with precision. Belinda’s full attention to your Presence helps bring a sense of peace, clarity and relief that one does not easily forget after each personal session.”

Sydney, Australia

“It is an absolute privilege for me to share my impressions of BelindaGrace’s talent as a clairvoyant, and I would begin by suggesting that she is indeed a practitioner’s practitioner. Over the years I have referred dozens of friends and colleagues to her, with respectful trust in her unique talent and professionalism. I first experienced Belinda’s exceptional skill 15 years ago and have continued to seek her out for frequent private sessions and group workshops on various topics. She represents a powerful melding of a personal magic, which she consistently ‘gifts’ to her clients with joy.”

M. Churches, keynote speaker and executive coach.

“Hi BelindaGrace Thank you once again ! I feel brand new and ready to move forward in life and I just wanted to let you know I tried automatic writing and I received a really great message for my first time. Thanks for telling me I needed to do that. My guides also said I need to talk to you, so I will be booking another session soon!!

Thank you,”

Tia P.
California, USA

To dear BelindaGrace,

“I just wanted to write to thank you again for such a beautiful session this morning. It was truly an honour to be able to get a healing and reading from you considering how experienced and accomplished you are, and you are such a beautiful and kind soul too.

I actually just listened back to the session and all of your advice, especially relating to my career, is really helpful and I really appreciate it…So thank you once again, it was so lovely to see you again… You are an inspiration – it’s lovely to meet someone who has a healthy sense of self and also beautifully down to earth while doing their work with such integrity. Keep up the great work BelindaGrace.

Take good care, Much love and light,”

Joe P.
Sydney, Australia

“Thank you for the summary, and for your time and guidance today. I am deeply grateful. I decided to come straight home instead of engaging people so I can rest and allow the healing that is still taking place, to do so with ease and uncluttered by others. I looked in the mirror after using the washroom and I was a bit shocked at what I saw. For the first time in many moons I saw “me”. Not the me I portray to others but the unearthed-vulnerable soulful “me”. Thank you and all our guides.

Much love and light on your journey, regards”

Wyoming, USA


They offered me the job last night! You and my Spirit Guides are amazing! Thank you SO much.

Brenda B
California, USA

“I just wanted to thank you so much you enlightened me like a lightning bolt! Spot on! I also wanted to give u so many thanks for believing in me!”

California, USA

“Oh my goodness that Reintegrating the Divine Empowered Feminine exercise is amazing. Thank you for helping me BelindaGrace. You are truly so important in my life & I can feel my growth every time we have a reading ? I appreciate you so much and I am happy that I met you.”


California, USA

“Hi BelindaGrace, I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see you today. I know I already shared this with you but wanted to again tell you what a difference you have made in my life. You and the Angels sparked new thoughts and paths for me to pursue. Helped me see that I could make major changes and start to heal myself from this illness that was slowly killing my body and soul. I have grown so much from being able to meet you, study with you, and connect with the Angels. You truly are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to know you and have you in my life.

Thank you for everything, Much love,”

Amber C.
Colorado, USA

“Thanks for creating such a well thought-out online course. I appreciate what an awesome stand alone course it is; how it complements but doesn’t simply repeat your book and CD.”

Susan S.
Arizona, USA.

“Hi BelindaGrace, I have moved from strength to strength since doing your five-day intensive and wow! I am so full of abundance and joy and although my life is full of challenges, I know that Spirit wants me to be happy. They always say to me TRUST! THANK YOU FOR STARTING ME OFF ON SUCH A WONDERFUL JOURNEY WITH SPIRIT!


Diana F.
Sydney, Australia


Thank you! I’m loving your online course. I’m going a little slower than the weekly scheduled info, but it’s a pace that feels right for me, and as my schedule allows. I’m reviewing often. Again, I love it! Thank you, too, for putting my name out there w the group at spirit. I talked to Hillary and have everyone’s emails.

Take care,”


“I just completed a weekend workshop with BelindaGrace on “Developing Your Intuition & Clairvoyance” and was thoroughly impressed. Belinda created a perfectly supportive and encouraging environment to practice, trust and develop ones’ inherent clairvoyant abilities. In the class we were shown how to develop and strengthen our channel, to establish and utilize our inner screen and how to make contact and develop a relationship with our Spirit Guides and Angels and how to access their guidance and support for unlimited applications in the spiritual, energetic and physical plane.

BelindaGrace’s guided exercises were concise, with easy to follow instructions and steps and there was plenty of time allowed for sharing and the building of confidence in each student’s individual experience. The class was rich with content and was well organized as she supportively guided us with her experience and intuitive depth. Belinda provides the perfect blend of wisdom, wit, sass and professionalism to make the class both meaningful, light hearted and fun. Living up to her name, Belinda emanates true Grace through her sincerity, insight and genuine confidence in everyone’s individual clairvoyant abilities.

With BelindaGrace’s teaching and guidance I was able to access and gain confidence into my own clairvoyant abilities which has given me a greater sense of connection and purpose. A transformative weekend who’s benefits continue to unravel! Thank you Belinda!!”

Lani Forster
awaii, USA

“The ‘Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer’ five-day intensive was truly amazing. I loved everything we learned and BG was so supportive, her teaching style is so clear and inspiring. I had no idea that I could progress so quickly with all those beautiful practices and I loved sharing with our wonderful group. I really can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you BG!”

Kym S.
Northern NSW. Australia

“Dear BelindaGrace,

Just wanted to send a big thank you from everyone here at the T.S!

It was a very successful event in audience appreciation and sales so we are very grateful for your time and energy in presenting here as part of the Conversations Event. The feedback from our customers has been really positive so I hope there is follow on for you in your work.

It was lovely meeting you.

Best wishes,”

T.S. Bookshop 126 Russell Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

“BelindaGrace has come to my centre on two separate occasions to do readings and workshops. I have always found her to be very organised, focussed and dedicated to her work and her teachings. She has a big following in Melbourne and is always booked out for both the readings and the workshops. I have only ever had good feedback from everyone who has attended as she presents in such an informative yet open and friendly way, people can really connect with her as she is very personable. I look forward to having BelindaGrace in my centre many more times…”

KA-SA Crystal Healing Centre
125 Edgevale Road, Kew, Australia