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About BelindaGrace

BelindaGrace is a Clairvoyant Healer with 20 years of experience in her field. She is passionate about helping her clients and students to lead happier and healthier lives that inspire them and have meaning and purpose.

She is also a published author and recording artist, with popular books and CD’s to her name. BelindaGrace has appeared on radio talk-back shows in Australia and the USA, conducted television interviews and been a presenter and keynote speaker at many events around Australia, including the annual Body and Soul Week at Club Med Lindeman Island, where she gave a presentation every day of the event for two consecutive years.

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BelindaGrace grew up in Sydney, studied fashion design and technology, lived in London for three years during her 20’s and worked in the fashion industry for almost ten years with some of Australia’s largest companies. Her own search for meaning and purpose and continual health challenges eventually led her to seek healing and support from a range of holistic therapies and practitioners. Inspired by their dedication and wisdom, BelindaGrace left the fashion industry and started all over again at the age of 30; initially studying Homoeopathy, in which she holds a diploma and post-graduate qualification.

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It was while studying Homoeopathy however, that the first door to the true nature of her journey opened up. Invited by a friend, she joined a weekly class that focused on meditation and various forms of spiritual development and energetic healing.

“I felt very drawn to attending these weekly gatherings and loved to listen to our teacher talk about the insights she received from her Guides. I thought it was miraculous. It was in these classes that I was introduced to the chakra system and to the process of channelling energy for balance and health. All of this was very interesting to me, but I never imagined that one day I would use the basic skills that I learned during those years as a foundation for the vocation that I am privileged to have now. I set up my practice firmly believing that I was meant to be a Homoeopath, but the Universe had other things in store for me. I began offering chakra balancing treatments as a way of attracting more clients and before I knew it the demand for this kind of treatment had taken over my whole practice.”

BelindaGrace takes a down to earth approach to what people generally think of as spirituality. In her friendly and easy to understand way, she helps her clients, students and readers come to grips with some of life’s biggest questions and dilemmas. With Clairvoyant Healing, she aims to help people let go of the fear, superstition and confusion that can often stand between them and their own inner truth and knowing. Her corporate background, sound business sense and no-nonsense approach to life make it possible for BelindaGrace to communicate with people from all walks of life; because she knows that whether you are at the top of the business world or just intrigued by the subtle mysteries of life, you can use the development of your natural intuitive and clairvoyant skills to enhance every area of your life.

“Who you are and what you have inside you are amazing. I invite you to come on a journey of discovery that will bring you a greater sense of inner peace by connecting you with your natural sources of harmony and wisdom.”

Clairvoyant healing